trevor fincher

web design

God made me a good looker so I like making things look good. I promise I’m not proud I just enjoy using my gifts to help others. Our culture is visually driven and I am just responding to the demands of the people. Alright enough words already.


From here on my site takes a different spin. Above is my nerdy organizational side and below is the hollywood side of my personality. In other words, the next section displays my video work. But there I go with too many words again.

the end is near

Hopefully that is a let down for you guys. Hopefully you are sad to leave this beautiful site. Before you go, there is one more important section in which you can see more of my work and contact me if you like what you saw.

contact info

I am very glad you were able to see the work that I am most proud of. Please let me know what you thought of my work. Below are the different links to my social media sites and my resume. If you would like to talk to me personally here is my phone number: 715.527.0168

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